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Blog > Here are four things to know about carpet flooring pile

Here are four things to know about carpet flooring pile

Pile refers to how the fibers are attached to the backing. Here are four things you should know.

1. Every carpet starts as a looped pile

Uncut loops are threaded through the backing in sort of a needlepoint action. Berber styles and level loops are examples of this carpeting.

Looped constructions are very durable. Because of the tight weave, they're also more stain and water-resistant.
Then, they either remain that way or are cut into piles of various lengths.

2. Low piles are more durable

And just as fashionable. Low pile rugs, such as the Berber-style, are easier to keep clean.

The shorter cut-piles and loops keep dust and dirt from embedding into the floor covering. You’ll often see them in busy offices.

3. Thicker isn’t necessarily better

A thicker pile is more comfortable underfoot and deadens sound better. Don't equate it with quality, however.

Some thinner rugs, such as Berber styles, are of excellent quality. The best determiner of quality is "density," referring to how closely the fibers are tufted together.

4. Lifestyle matters!

You need to consider family size, traffic levels, room use, and how much or little you like to vacuum. High pile carpeting, like shags, is fun and colorful but requires a lot of care.

Saxony Plush is soft, velvety, and luxurious but shows footprints and other marks.

Some piles can be used anywhere. They include cut and loop, frieze, and basic cut-piles. Of course, you'll see it all in our carpet store with brands like Dream Weaver and Air.O.

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