Do you have a home with a large family, kids, pets, or heavy foot traffic? Durability is usually a big priority for everyone, especially in this case.

Modern technology has enabled mills to develop carpeting with extra durability and stain resistance. Here are some of the best rugs for active families.

Nylon: known for super-strength

This rug can stand up to the heaviest wear. It's also known for excellent resiliency, which is the ability to bounce back into shape after compression.

Stain resistance is terrific, especially when it’s combined with a protectant. It’s also easy to keep clean.

Nylon rugs come in a large assortment of colors and styles. It can be soft, thanks to technology, creating finer, thinner fibers.

As a bonus, this is ideal if you have residents with allergies. This floor covering prevents mold and mildew from growing, two of the biggest triggers of respiratory problems.

Wool: Natural, high durability

Wool is strong enough even to withstand pets. Don't be concerned about the white color; the rug has natural oils with scales that flick off dirt, making it soil-repellent.

This natural fiber is toxin and chemical-free. In addition, it's somewhat absorbent, so wipe spills immediately.

Any looped or low pile rug

You'll see many styles in our showroom, but two of the best types are loop and low pile rugs. Loops, such as Berber or level-loop, are highly durable. Ask our carpet store professionals about them. The short, tightly woven loops also keep spills from absorbing.

Low-pile rugs are the most durable and most straightforward to keep clean. They're also soft and fashionable.


1. All carpeting has different quality levels. Buy the best your wallet will allow.

2. Also, consider fibers like triexta, SmartStrand, and Air.O.

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