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Can carpet warm a room?

You might be surprised to hear that carpet can warm a room, but not in ways you might think. Today, we're going to take the time to tell you more about why rooms are warmer with carpeting in place, so be sure to read along with today's post for more information.

Carpeting warmth is a beautiful benefit

The truth is carpet cannot warm a room by itself, but it can certainly retain the heat that your home generates. This is because the carpet and underpadding both act as an additional insulation layer, ensuring there is no rapid escape of heat through your flooring.

The added warmth is especially beneficial in bedrooms and children’s rooms on cool or cold days, keeping you more comfortable throughout your home. And you will eventually see this benefit projected into your energy bills, saving you much money over time.

Carpeting can even be installed over radiant heating, providing specific recommendations are met regarding flooring type and maximum heat settings. If this is something you plan to choose for your home, be sure to ask for further details.

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